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vimto irelandVimto was invented almost 100 years ago in 1908 by John Noel Nichols. Originally consumed as a medicine or tonic to give you ‘vim’, meaning  energy or power, this new wonder invention Vim tonic, then became  VIMTO. Vimto is made from a top-secret recipe, one that’s been passed down from John Nichols. The only thing Vimto give away is that it includes a mix of three fruit juices – grape, blackcurrant and raspberry – along with a mysterious blend of 23 fruit essences, herbs and spices.  Vimto only select the very best ingredients to ensure every time it tastes totally terrific!

In 2011 the brand sold 12 million bottles of Vimto cordial, 26 million bottles of fizzy Vimto and 92 million cans and not just in the UK! Vimto fans can be found all around the world, from Australia to Singapore to Timbuktu!

GM Marketing sell and distribute the following range of Vimto products:


Vimto Coridal  725ml

Vimto Cordial no added sugar 725ml

Vimto Fizzy 2ltr, 500ml & 330ml

Cherry Vimto Fizzy 500ml & 330ml

Vimto Still Sports cap 500ml

Vimto Tetrapak 250ml

Now available from your local Spar, Supervalu, Mace, Centra, Nisa, Costcutter and Londis as well as independent retailers.

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