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Typhoo & London Fruit & Herb

Typhoo Speciality Teas – new!

Typhoo have just produced a brand new range of speciality teas made luxuriously and fine to the leaf. Typhoo have put in a lot of research and development to create the finest taste from each of these five different flavours being offered. Being in the tea business since 1903 (109 years!), Typhoo have established a huge presence all over the UK and beyond due to its ever growing popularity. Typhoo can ensure that the new speciality teas that they have created from scratch, do have that  “special” effect on the taste buds.

20 TeabagsPure Green Tea, Peppermint, Camomile, Earl Grey Tea, &, English Breakfast Tea


London Fruit & Herb Company

The port of London has traditionally been at the heart of sourcing and blending quality herbs and spices.

It was here that London Fruit & Herb Company first started as a small apothecary. Pride in quality and experience gained over many years brings inspired tastes based on the finest ingredients.The London Fruit and Herb Company have adopted a philosophy of creating great tasting blends that are good for you. So dedicated they are to achieving this, they have developed a unique process to provide you with a range of fruit flavours which really taste as good as they smell.

Not only do London Fruit & Herb’s infusions taste exquisite, but they also contain no added sugar or artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

20 TeabagsGreen Tea Variety Pack, Fruit Fantasy Variety Pack, &, Fruit ‘n Spice Variety Pack

Typhoo & London Fruit & Herb Speciality Tea

For more information on our speciality Tea – visit the Typhoo website.