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Hadrian Clear – Flavoured Water

This range of great tasting still and sparkling flavoured waters are made using natural flavours with no sugar and are low in calories. Ideal for any age range, Hadrian Clear is a delicious thirst quenching alternative to water or regular soft drinks. 

“As sales of sugary fizzy drinks slow, flavoured water is seen by  the global drinks industry as the latest super-product. In this country alone, sales of flavoured water rose from 247m litres in 2000 to 435m litres last year, and now make up nearly 20% of the bottled-water market. This year, sales are expected to rise even more.” (The Gaurdian, 2011)

GM Marketing sell and distribute the following flavours of Hadrian Clear water across Ireland….

Hadrian Clear Still – Raspberry, Peach and Lemon & Lime

Hadrian Clear Sparkling – Strawberry & Kiwi, Apple & Blackcurrant, Cranberry & Raspberry, Lemon & Lime and Peach.

Bolt Energy

Bolt – Energy Drink

Bolt Energy is a delicious soft drink designed with those, in need of a serious energy boost, in mind. Refreshing, replenishing and reinvigorating Bolt energy is not only delicious but extremely competitively priced in the category

Wild Juice

Wild Juice is a fun new soft drinks range for children and is an extension to Villa Drinks’ existing Wild Waters range of flavoured still mineral water for kids.  Villa is an independent soft drinks company and a major UK producer of soft drinks and spring water, with the capacity to supply over 100 million bottles per year. 
Wild Juice contains 10% real fruit juices and is available in 270ml bottles, making them the ideal size for a lunchbox treat. With no artificial colours or flavours, no added sugar and with added vitamins A, B & C, parents can have confidence in the quality of this brand.

GM Marketing sell and distribute the following Wild Juice Flavours – Tangy Tiger orange, Cool Croc apple and Party Parrot blackcurrant.