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Clean n Fresh Ireland

Clean and Fresh is the No.1 Budget Brand for household cleaning, dishwash and laundry products. Developed by a successful leading international developer (Robert Mc Bride Ltd), the products produced have gone through heavy research and development to produce the most cost effective, low budget and best cleaning products on the market.

Brand new eye catching packaging has been launched to make it more appealing, which is so far proving to be very successful. When people try a Clean and Fresh product for the first time, you can be sure that they will be a returning customer and will become attached to the Clean and Fresh product because their products do what is expected off them for the best price on the market!

Bleach – 750ml & 2 litre Original, Pine, Citrus & Pink

Toilet Cleaner750mlPower, Citrus & Pine

Washing Up Liquid500mlOriginal, Hygienic, Citrus, Concentrated Lemon Concentrated Anti Bacterial

Fabric Conditioner1 litre & 2 litrePure, Jasmine & Sandalwood & Lavender & Camomile

Washing Powder793gNon Bio, Bio & 2 in 1 Sunburst

Trigger Cleaners750mlKitchen, Bathroom, Anti Bacterial & Window

Dishwasher Tablets 5 in 120g per tab15x Lemon, 15x Fresh & 30x Lemon

Laundry Tablets12’sNon Bio & 2 in 1 Sunburst

Laundry Liquitabs/Sachets10’sNon Bio & 2 in 1 Sunburst

Multi Surface Cleaners500mlPine Disinfectant, Cream Clean Lemon, MSC Pine & MSC Lemon


Clean n Fresh Range

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