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Butcher’s Petcare

Butcher’s, otherwise known as Butcher’s Pet Care, is a modern company working under a traditional heritage that specialises in the production of dog food and have so for over twenty years. Butcher’s take a hugely positive moral and ethical approach towards pet care, especially towards the dog food they produce. They have taken their expertise in meat and pet care and applied their knowledge to pet food, to produce high quality, healthy and enjoyable food to be consumed by the nation’s dogs. They are the ONLY main brand of dog food that is free from cereal, soya and gluten – harmful ingredients which affect a dog’s health, especially their digestive system. The Butcher’s brand celebrated its 20th birthday in 2007, showing the heritage Butcher’s has developed over the years, as well as the strength of the core natural nutrition values that lie at the heart of the brand.

With product lines such as Butcher’s and Butcher’s Choice, they fulfill their role as the provider of top quality pet food for all Britain’s favourite pets. Their all-meat recipes are made with fresh meat and nothing artificial. Our unique recipes ensure that your dog has all the essential nutrients to keep him both fit and healthy. No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives ensure natural nutrition for your dog. Plus, the fresh meat ensures it tastes great.

GM Marketing currently sell and distribute the following Butcher’s Pet Care products across Ireland.

Butcher’s Single Cans – Butcher’s Beef & Liver Chunks in Jelly, Butcher’s Tripe Mix

Butcher’s Multipacks – Butcher’s Original Tripe x6, Butcher’s Farmers Fayer Chunks in Jelly x6, Butcher’s Country Feast Chunks in Gravy x6, Butchers Variety Multipack x 12

Butcher’s Dry Complete – Butcher’s Dry Chicken (1.5 kg 3 kg 6 kg), Butcher’s Dry Beef 1.5 kg / 3 kg / 6 kg

Butcher’s Alu Trays – Butcher’s Chicken Alutray, Butcher’s Beef Alutray

Butcher’s Classic Cat Food – Butcher’s Meat Multipack x6, Butcher’s Fish Multipack x6, Butcher’s Variety Multipack x12

Now available from your local: Dunnes StoresNisaCostcutter and Londis

For more information on Buthcer’s Petcare – visit their website