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Buster, a unique brand of plughole care products made by Challs International, is driving growth in the plughole care market and its share has grown significantly over the last couple of years. The brands growth has been stimulated due to strong Marketing and PR efforts which included national prime time television advertising.

Buster realise that plugholes have different needs and their product range has been designed with this in mind.  Buster provide unique unblocking and freshening solutions for both Kitchen’s and Bathroom’s.

GM Marketing sell and distribute the following Buster products across Ireland.

Buster Kitchen Drain Clear

has special granules formulated to tackle grease and fat build-up, something liquid unblockers can’t do.

Buster Kitchen Sink Fresh

tackles germs, smells and can also be used on washing machines, waste disposal and dishwashers.

Buster Bathroom Drain Clear

dissolves hair and soap build-up to leave pipes flowing free.

Buster Bathroom Sink Fresh

tackles germs and smells to leave plugholes sparkling clean and fragrantly fresh in showers, baths and basins.

Now available from your local Dunnes Stores, Spar, Supervalu, Centra, Mace, Nisa and Costcutter

For more information on Buster product, visit the website.